Why Inclusion & Diversity Is Important In The Workplace

In 2019/20 the Workplace Equality Fund will be funding a further 22 organisations to support businesses in improving diversity and inclusion in the workplace. In the previous rounds of funding 22 organisations also received funding to work towards the fund outcomes listed below.

Fund Outcomes:

  • Employment opportunities and progression in the workplace are improved for target groups and improvements are embedded into the workplace to ensure lasting change
  • Knowledge, skills, policies and practices are improved in order to address employment inequalities, discrimination and barriers/challenges within the workplace
  • A more inclusive working environment is created through employees and employers working in partnership to address employment inequalities and introduce positive practices


Activities have included:

  • Supporting business to introduce new policies, change existing policies and implementing those policies
  • Training staff in unconscious bias
  • Introducing family friendly working practices
  • Implementing age neutral HR policies
  • Resources to support employers and employees in relation to mental health
  • Development and implementation of Good practice guides


Why encourage diversity and inclusion in the Workplace

  • To improve Culture - Workplace diversity signals to talented employees that your business is open to new experiences and ideas
  • To improve company performance - Research shows that productivity will increase by 10% with a more diverse workforce
  • To better represent customers
  • A diverse workplace is indicative of a business that is drawing from the broadest possible talent pool.


Inclusion & Diversity should be:

  • A permanent fixture in your business landscape
  • A central business value – not a “nice to have”
  • Part of business strategy, not a marketing ploy
  • A platform for delivering outstanding results
  • The way you do business


How to accelerate progress

  • Consciously build diversity capability and confidence in leaders & line managers
  • Focus on a diverse talent pipeline to address the commercial realities of your business
  • Focus on practicing techniques to counter natural bias in people processes and reward inclusive behaviours