Social Isolation & Loneliness Fund 2016

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Two older people smiling

The Social Isolation & Loneliness Fund was established by The Scottish Government to help increase the social connectedness of people and to also help reduce the effects of social isolation in people experiencing loneliness in society.

This included young people, older people, carers, people for whom English wasn’t their first language, people who had long term conditions or otherwise disadvantaged.

£500,000 was made available by The Scottish Government between 1st July 2016 and 30th June 2017 to support community based organisations to deliver projects tackling social isolation.

Top Facts:

  • 36 organisations from across Scotland were successfully funded
  • 6,829 people benefitted from opportunities to increase their social networks and to tackle social isolation
  • 42% of organisations specifically targeted older people

Impact Funding Partners, then Voluntary Action Fund, supported the development of the fund by engaging with the successful organisations. We hosted 3 welcoming workshops and 1 networking and learning event which gave the successful organisations the opportunity to engage and learn from each other’s projects.

Additionally, we carried out 10 project visits throughout the year to help support organisations. We also continuously supported the development of the funded projects through email, telephone, social media and one-to-one meetings.

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