Fund Management

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We have over 40 years’ experience in developing and managing funds. We’re a fund manager with a proven track record.

Why use Impact Funding Partners?

We work with public agencies, companies and individual donors to develop, design and manage funds to meet their needs.

Impact Funding Partners has developed its approach to grant making since 1982. The organisation's approach involves three parts:

  1. Investing Money - Distributing grants on behalf of public sector agencies, individual donors and the private sector to bring about social change.
  2. Increasing Capacity - Providing opportunities for shared learning to develop skills, knowledge and practice using a strengths-based model. 
  3. Building Relationships - Developing strong relationships with funded organisations and stakeholders based on trust, shared values and understanding. Bringing people together to develop networks and foster cooperation with a view to unlocking resources.

This approach brings added value for funders:

  • Improved accountability for funding
  • Improved ability to showcase the value of investment
  • Reduced financial and reputational risk
  • Better social, economic and financial outcomes
  • Added value

Funded organisations benefit from:

  • Improved reporting and accountability
  • More effective financial and project management
  • Increased knowledge and skills
  • Participation in networks, greater collaboration, peer learning

This model aims to deliver positive, sustainable benefits to organisations, communities and individuals.

Decades of experience putting money where it matters has developed our knowledge of a wide range of policy areas, including:

  • Volunteering
  • Loneliness and isolation
  • Poverty
  • Community engagement
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Violence against women and girls
  • Fair work and employability
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