Workplace Equality Fund 2019/2020

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The Workplace Equality Fund allows us to build a picture of the discrimination that can be faced in the private sector and allows us to increase knowledge and awareness or equality practices in the workplace.

Workplace Equality Fund Funded Project
January 2020

Impact Funding Partners managed this fund on behalf of the Scottish Government.

The Workplace Equality Fund 2019-20 distributed £800,000 worth of funding to 24 organisations. Funded organisations worked to promote and develop more inclusive and diverse workplaces in the private sector, so that everyone in Scotland has the opportunity to fulfill their potential.

Each projects focused on one or more priority groups from the following list: minority ethnic people; disabled people; older workers (those aged over 50); people who experience gender based violence; and workers who are experiencing social isolation and/or loneliness; and women. 

They also worked towards one or more of the following fund outcomes:

  • Employment opportunities and progression in the workplace are improved for the priority groups and improvements are embedded into the workplace to ensure lasting change
  • Knowledge, skills, policies and practices are improved in order to address employment inequalities, discrimination and barriers/challenges within the workplace
  • A more inclusive working environment is created and continued through employees and employers working in partnership to address employment inequalities and introduce positive practices.

Workplace Equality Blogs

Thank You For Giving Me Back My Life!

Siobhan spent some time working on the Workplace Equality Fund after joining Impact Funding Partners as an intern via Inclusion Scotland. In this blog, she tells us the significance of the internship in helping her kickstart her career while living with chronic fatigue syndrome.

Making The Workplace More Equal For Women

The Workplace Equality Fund aims to support Scottish Businesses to identify and promote practice that works to reduce employment inequalities, discrimination and barriers in the workplace.