International Men's Day 2020

Linkes staff, board and volunteers including Clive.

International Men's Day is an annual worldwide event celebrating the positive value men bring to the world and their communities. It highlights positive role models and raises awareness of men's well-being.

Linkes Community Project is based in Knightswood, Glasgow, and is completely run by local people. Their purpose is to provide opportunities for learning and well-being and to utilise their community facilities for the benefit of the community. 

They provide a vibrant programme of weekly groups and learning opportunities for all members of the community, including children and young people, women and men, and older people. 

In this case study, read the story of Clive and how engaging with Linkes helped bring him out a period of social isolation.

Clive is long term unemployed due to mental health related issues such as depression and anxiety. Prior to attending the men's group at Linkes, he had very limited social contact. He didn't go out very much, and his confidence was low.

We provided a safe welcoming space at our Men's Group, and by encouraging Clive to attend our tutor enabled him to work alongside other men to learn how to design and build a model railway. 

Before he joined the weekly Men's Group at, he had no real interest in model railways but the group has inspired him deeply and he is now an enthusiast.

I love mixing with people at the group – we always have a good carry on. When I look at the model railway, I feel so proud of what we’ve achieved together.  I love it!

As well as new interests and friends, Clive has developed new skills. He now participates in electronics training alongside the Model Railway Shows which he shares with other men in the group. He has a new found sense of pride in what the group has achieved.

He has also taken up first aid training provided by Linkes, equipping him with vital life saving knowledge and experience which he used when he volunteered at our Summer Fun Day.

A part of the Linkes services we provide a wide range of volunteering opportunities at different events throughout the year. This can include anything from stewarding, litter picking or delivering flyers, amongst many others.

Through participating in our men's group and gaining new confidence, Clive has recently taken up a new opportunity and now volunteers and runs our weekly food group. 

Clive has thrived on the responsibility of running the food group. He says that seeing the struggles that other people face has cast his depression in a different light. He has also found that he loves helping people and takes real satisfaction from getting involved.

There is no doubt that Clive's health and wellbeing has improved immensely since he joined Linkes.