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Dundee Women’s Aid

Dundee Women’s Aid is an organisation that offers refuge, follow-on and outreach support to women, children and young people who have experienced or are experiencing domestic abuse. Dundee Women’s Aid also seek to educate all people on the issue of domestic abuse as well as to influence public policy and practice and to promote multi-agency co-operation in the provision of services.

P case study

This case study is an example of understanding domestic abuse and how it affects you.

P was 10 years old when he arrived in refuge with his mum. He knew that his mum had been unhappy and that it would be better from them to live away from his dad. When we first met he talked about how his dad was quite sad and that he had been in the army and how this had affected him. P was aware that his sister had been in a very violent relationship and felt that he knew what domestic abuse was. He described it as violence, hitting, punching and kicking.  Over the sessions the support worker looked at different behaviours that some people display and whether they were ok or not ok. When not discussing his dad he was able to say accurately what would be acceptable or not. The support worker then began to look at some of the behaviours that his dad had displayed and P began to realise that his dad had been abusive towards not only his mum but also towards him. He came to see that although he had not been violent he had been very controlling and had not given them money. Rather than encouraging P to try new things he had forced him to do them and at times this had cause P a lot of distress. One example that he had given was that he had been made to go on a roller coaster even although he hadn’t wanted to.