Deaf Awareness Week 2020

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"It's the smile on people's faces when they can actually hear again. I love it!"

Alan from Dumfries & Galloway Hard of Hearing tells us what it's like to volunteer for the organisation, and why he has been doing it for so long.

How did you become involved?

I used to use the Castle Douglas drop-in for the maintenance of my own hearing aids. As a service user I found the service really valuable and I'm good with my hands and the maintenance side of things, so it seemed a good fit when I wanted to volunteers somewhere. 


How has the experience of volunteering been for you?

I love being a volunteer at Dumfries & Galloway Hard of Hearing! I volunteer at 3 drop-in clinics monthly, I visit a care home every 3 months and I've also done a couple of home visits for people. 

I had a gentleman come into the Dalbeattie drop-in recently. His hearing aids weren't working at all. When I fixed them for him he was absolutely over the moon! He went home and brought back money to put in the donation box and bought an apple for me as a thank you! Helping people to hear again is a great feeling. 

All of the volunteers get on really well and i think it is nice for the service-users to come in because it means they can have a chat with people.


How has volunteering impacted on you?

I'm still fairly active in my retirement because I still work but I love giving something back to the community. I like to feel that I am helping.