Achievement Bute




Achievement Bute

Achievement Bute is a families-led voluntary organisation, which provides a wide range of inclusive activities for all children and young people on Bute. The charity was set up in 1998 by parents of children with disabilities who wanted to make sure that all young people could be fully included in activities in their local community.

Their funded project enabled the organisation to not only able to expand their volunteer base, appealing to a wider audience, but also offer something else, tangible ‘fun’ benefits. With the funding secured Achievement Bute provided volunteers with hoodies, t-shirts and pin badges.

Children grow up and very quickly become ‘too cool’ to take part in the activities they once loved. What if there were another way for young people to be involved and still feel like they had something ‘to do’ on the island? A role that provided them with a sense of achievement (while also being able to join in with the activities they clearly still loved without losing any credibility), which is why the volunteer programme was established!

Achievement Bute provided activities and volunteer benefits; Saltire Awards registration, development of basic invaluable life skills, the ever important ‘something that’ll look good on your CV’ and in some cases, the opportunity to progress to paid work with Achievement Bute.

Volunteers were awarded for their hard work with trips to Go Karting, Lazer Tag and even designing and making pizzas. Volunteers planned and delivered ‘Achievement Bute’s 20th Birthday Bash’ at the Mount Stuart Visitor Centre. There was entertainment, a photo booth, a red carpet and, of course…an ice cream van!

For the first time the organisation delivered volunteer training sessions. Training covered circus skills, the use of musical equipment, den building, and arts and crafts - all of which provided new transferable skills for the volunteers.

While run by a team of paid staff and support workers, Achievement Bute simply wouldn’t be able to function to anywhere near the same capacity without the assistance of their invaluable team of teenage and young adult volunteers. The volunteer programme would be significantly smaller and the form that it has taken over the last few years would absolutely not have been feasible without the support and resources received through the Voluntary Action Fund. One thing is for sure, the young people of Bute who have become our volunteers are certainly not bored anymore!