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Achieve More Scotland delivered four weeks of healthy meals and a mixture of fun, active and sporting activities to over 5,000 participants over the summer holiday.

“The summer camp has changed my life…….Just knowing the kids can come here, have fun, get something good to eat at lunch and early in the morning has made everything so much easier. I am not having to worry every single day about food during the summer. I can go to work and then come up here and see them. They are happy and running about every day.”

At the summer camp, four siblings aged between five and 11 were dropped off every morning to join in the summer activities. Each day when the children arrived, they were very hungry and hoping to get something to eat. The children are from a single parent household where their mother works part-time each day. Achieve More Scotland provided a breakfast for them in addition to a hot lunch. They would also get a bag of food to take home for dinner and/or breakfast for the next morning or for the weekend.

This was clearly a mother who was working very hard to provide for her children but was in need of a little bit of additional support. After a few days of camp we had a chat with her to see if there was anything else we could do. She said that the camp had allowed her to focus on other things instead of having to constantly worry about providing breakfast, lunch and dinner each day during the summer holiday. She had no extra money even though she had to provide extra meals while the schools were closed for the holiday. She would often go without food herself to ensure that her children had something to eat.

Through this fund, Achieve More Scotland have provided support for the whole family during the summer. By building relationships with the family, they have also been able to find additional support for them beyond the school holiday. All four children are now regularly involved in sessions each week and the family now has additional support in place, ensuring things are not as hard for them all.