Wellbeing for Longer in Glasgow Fund 2022/2023

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Really appreciate the 'can-do' approach that Impact Funding Partners staff take to their work. Staff always follow through and deliver an answer, there is a sense of genuine support and appreciation of our charity's work

Wellbeing For Longer In Glasgow Funded Project
January 2020

The Wellbeing for Longer in Glasgow Fund, worth approximately £580,000 per annum, funds 21 projects, and aims to support adult residents of Glasgow, most at risk of social isolation, to improve/sustain their health & wellbeing and to reduce isolation. 

Impact Funding Partners manage this fund on behalf of the Glasgow Health and Social Care Partnership. All funds have been allocated.

Funded projects work with people most at risk because of at least one of the following:

  • Personal characteristics – all protected characteristics such as disability and age or other barriers such as language and money
  • Life transitions –including young people leaving home, bereavement, becoming a parent and retirement
  • Health – including conditions which may limit your ability to leave the house or interact with others.

And meet the following two outcomes:

  • Address health inequalities and improve health
  • Improve social inclusion, enabling residents who are isolated to be more connected.

Hear Their Stories...

Some of the important and valuable work organisations from across Glasgow funded through the Wellbeing For Longer in Glasgow Fund carry out each and every day

Good Morning Service

This is the story of Albert who was referred to Good Morning Service by his GP in 2016 with a sense of personal worthlessness, hopelessness and thoughts of ending his life. Good Morning Service built up a relationship and trust with Albert, and found out what was causing these feelings...

Memory Spinners

When Susan was diagnoised with dementia she and her husband Eddie found it difficult to find social activities they both enjoyed. That was before they found the Memory Spinners programme run by Scottish Opera which uses music and performing arts to help reduce social isolation for those living with dementia.

Wellbeing For Longer in Glasgow Blogs

World Mental Health Day

Flourish House is a community mental health charity in Glasgow. It has been open for over 20 years and currently has over 250 members. This is a snapshot of the summer of 2020 at the charity where they had to adapt their services during the Covid19 lockdown to continue to support their members and the local community.

Village Storytelling Centre

Oh The Stories We Could Tell’ is a storytelling programme run by the Village Storytelling Centre for older people across Greater Pollok, Newlands & Auldburn that hopes to capture those stories and experiences; to bring people together in a warm, welcoming space where they feel supported, valued and heard.