The Big Climate Conversation Community Fund

Big Climate Conversation Fund

This fund is now closed.

Impact Funding Partners are delighted to be managing The Big Climate Conversation Community Fund (BCCCF) on behalf of the Scottish Government.

On the 7th August we launched The Big Climate Conversation Community Fund to assist community organisations host workshops, who otherwise wouldn’t be able to.  Targeted at small community groups, who are not primarily environmentally focused, the fund allows for us to hear from those who have been less engaged and therefore typically underrepresented in the climate change debate to date.

Funding has been approved for more than 62 groups so far, which are projected to directly engage more than 1,500 members of the public in this vital discussion

Encouraged by the up take in the fund and the considerable interest in holding community conversations, the First Minister announced an almost doubling of the fund  and extending the period for applications until the 31st October, to ensure communities can continue to participate in this most important of conversations. Workshops must take place before 14th November.

Download the Scottish Government ‘How to Guide’ from the link below which will give you step by step guidance on how to run your workshop, including what questions to discuss. There are opportunities for you to be flexible with the format and how long each discussion lasts. You can also feedback on other areas relevant to The Big Climate Conversation.  Please read the ‘How to Guide’ and frequently asked questions before applying.

Timescales for Fund

  • The Fund opens on Wednesday 7th August 2019
  • The Fund closes on Thursday 31st October 2019
  • Decisions will be issued on a weekly basis, so early applications are advised
  • Workshops must take place before the 14th November 2019

Available grants

  • The minimum grant amount is £100.00
  • The maximum grant amount is £300.00

If you have any questions or require further information about this fund, you can contact the BCCCF team at

For further information on The Big Climate Conversation and additional background to this fund, click here to visit The Scottish Government webpage.

Please remember to return your feedback report within two weeks of hosting your event. You can download the feedback report from the link below.

You should return your feedback direct to the Scottish Government, rather than to Impact Funding Partners. The email address needed can be found in the ‘How to Guide’, but for quick reference, it is

The report you submit is key part of the community conversations. Your  feedback will help shape the policies and strategies that the Scottish Government take forward. With this in mind, by providing as much detailed information as possible, you will help increase the impact of this engagement fund and your vital conversations.