Socially Connected Glasgow Strategy

Impact Funding Partners has been commissioned by Glasgow Health and Social Care Partnership (GHSCP) to deliver a design-led, Socially Connected Glasgow Strategy which incorporates Maximising Independence and what that means for all people across the city.

The development of the strategy will consider how best to progress the Maximising Independence ambition of reducing health inequalities and improving health with a particular focus on how best to ensure local people and organisations are connected across the city to help reduce isolation and loneliness. A co-production approach will enable the local community, third sector organisations and GHSCP to design a strategy that enables Glasgow residents that are more likely to experience  isolation (by equalities barriers such as age, ethnicity, disability and deprivation etc.) to sustain well-being and reduce isolation.  It is imperative that these and other key groups more affected by isolation and loneliness are engaged fully in the development of the strategy. 


Impact Funding Partners identified organisations who are uniquely placed to represent a key stakeholder group and who are champions for social justice in Glasgow.

We undertook a design-led process to carry out this piece of work, which will be a first of its kind in Scotland. We were delighted to have expert designers from the V&A Dundee facilitate the design process, to ensure that all groups of people are represented and that our research design and communication methods are considerate of all needs.

The design process ensures that we fully understand if there are problems that we need to solve, from the most important perspective, which is the people who experience the issue.  That is why we sought input from over 40 groups representing the whole spectrum of the Equality Act 2010 and hard to reach groups across the city.  The experience of these groups of people then shapes solutions and their perspectives demonstrate that they are uniquely placed to do that.

We developed two working groups, who together took this strategy forward. They have ensured that all individuals and communities across Glasgow are represented, and that their voices will be heard and included in the development of the strategy.

The design-led approach puts the people of Glasgow at the heart of the process in order to develop creative and innovative solutions.


Impact Funding Partners has now reached the consultation phase of the process and has developed five questions that we will now ask individuals and communities across the city.

We have deliberately chosen not to carry out all the interviews ourselves, as the working groups felt it was important that these interviews were carried out by people who already have trusted relationships with them, as this will result in us receiving more detailed and quality responses.

The interviews will be carried out and completed by the end of November. Impact Funding Partners will then collate the responses and ensure they are fed into the final Strategy report. The draft report will be available at the end of January 2022.