Winners of Impact Funding Partners Photo Competition Announced

17 April 2020

The inaugural Impact Funding Partners Photo Competition is over and a huge congratulations to all the winners. If you missed our live award show on social media, here is a roundup of all the winners and the highly commended entries that the judges felt were worth a mention…

Volunteering For All

The first category of the day was Volunteering For All which was duly awarded to Good Morning Service from Glasgow for their ‘What’s In A Hug?’ photograph. 

#ImpactPhoto Getting It Right Winner: Nature Unlimited

17 April 2020

Nature Unlimited’s beautiful photograph of children on the banks of a loch has won the final category at the 2020 Impact Funding Partners Photo Competition.  
Jan Barr, Project Coordinator at Nature Unlimited, said everybody was “chuffed, surprised and excited” that the judges had chosen their ‘Selkirk Silhouettes’ photograph as the winner of the Getting It Right category. The judges said what they loved most about the picture was the idea of the young people getting to explore the natural world. 

#ImpactPhoto Fairer Future Winner: Scotland's Bravest Manufacturing Company

17 April 2020

Scotland’s Bravest Manufacturing Company’s incredibly striking picture of former Scots Guard, Gary Jamieson working heavy machinery has rightfully won the Let’s Create A Fairer Future category.

The judges of the 2020 Impact Funding Partners Photo Competition were blown away by the imagery of the photograph and felt it was a very powerful image of the relationship between person and machine.

#ImpactPhoto Connected Scotland Winner: Givin' It Laldie

17 April 2020

“We are so excited that we have won”, was the reaction from Clare McBrien, Manager of Givin’ It Laldie who the judges picked as the winner of the Connected Scotland category at the Impact Funding Partners 2020 Photo Competition.  
Taken by Karen Gordon, the judges loved how the photograph captured the amount of joy that the subject, Stephen, brought to the room.