Networking Clusters

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The purpose of the networking clusters is to allow organisations within funds to form relationships, and thus increase collaborative working and partnerships. The cluster members’ work together to achieve common goals and explore solutions to issues.

Membership of the cluster, and relationships formed within it, allow organisations to achieve greater reach, increase their capacity and develop expertise. As a collectives clusters inform and influence policy across many equality policy areas and themes.

What We Do:

  • Co-ordination of cluster programme
  • Facilitation and chairing of discussions
  • Support planning of meetings and agendas
  • Identify and support key stakeholders to connect with groups
  • Identify and share opportunities and resources at meetings and via the Knowledge Hub
  • Connecting organisations across funded programmes

Evidenced Benefits of Clusters:

  • Platform for experieince and expertise to be shared and being part of a collective voice
  • Organisations inform and influence Scottish Government policy makers and public services
  • Policy is informed by hearing and understanding the lived experiences of people and communities 
  • Organisations collaborate and partnerships are established, new networks are developed
  • Organisations share good practice, evidence and learning
  • Organisations reach broader range of Third and Public Sector organisations and better referrals and signposting between services