Glasgow Children's Holiday Food Programme

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The Glasgow Children’s Holiday Food Programme was set up by Glasgow City Council to enable community organisations to provide nutritious food and activities for children during the school holidays.

The fund supported third sector/not for profit organisations operating within Glasgow to provide these meals in a non-stigmatising way and to provide activities that would appeal to the children which would encourage them to attend and receive a healthy meal.

£2 million was made available by Glasgow City Council to support organisation in providing projects over the Summer, October and February school holidays for the 2018-2019 academic year.

In total, across all 3 holidays:

  • 210 projects were funded
  • 26,531 children from across Glasgow benefitted
  • 169,801 meals were served
  • 14% of children benefitted were disabled/ had additional support needs
  • 26% of children benefited were from BME backgrounds

Impact Funding Partners (then Voluntary Action Fund) assessed and managed all the applications for the 3 holidays as well as the applications for the 2019-2020 academic year which is now run by Glasgow City Council.

As well as providing support to each funded project, we also hosted information sessions, a “How To Write A Good Application” training session as well as project visits.

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