Family Friendly Working Scotland

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Project Name: Navigate

Family Friendly Working Scotland (FFWS) worked with three businesses to develop a more flexible, family friendly approach to working. This was in the form of bespoke consultancy support and training

Main Project Activities Delivered

  • Consultancy support for City Building, The Furniture Service and The Incremental Group to develop a more flexible working culture.
  • Delivery of ‘close’ event with employers sharing experience and learning gained throughout the project with other business leaders in the Family Friendly Working Scotland network

Resources & Support Available/Developed

  • Design, analysis and reporting of employee surveys for all three organisations.
  • Development and delivery of workshop training sessions for business leaders, line managers and employees on how to implement flexible working in the organisation
  • Development and launch of the MAP – digital health check tool enabling employers to measure and monitor flexibility within the workplace

For more information contanct Geraldine Higgins at, or visit the FFWS website.