Equally Safe (Violence Against Women and Girls) Fund 2017–2020

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Without this funding a significant number of vulnerable women, young people and children would not receive the support they need and would not be able to live a life free from domestic abuse or reach their potential

Equally Safe (Violence Against Women & Girls) Funded Project
January 2020

Impact Funding Partners managed this fund on behalf of the Scottish Government. The aim of the fund was to support work to progress the outcomes in Equally Safe, Scotland’s strategy for preventing and eradicating violence against women and girls. Over the course of the Fund, approximately £6 million per annum was distributed to 85 projects. The Equally Safe (Violence against Women and Girls) Fund (ESVAWGF) assisted with the development of measures to tackle all forms of violence against women and girls, including projects that build capacity in local partnerships to strengthen responses to violence and abuse, the delivery of frontline services, or projects which focus on prevention and early intervention. 

The fund had the following four outcomes:

  1. Societal understanding of gender based violence is increased and tolerance of it is decreased (leading to a reduction in violence and abuse experienced by women and children, and an increase in positive gender norms and expectations).
  2. Service providers have increased understanding of all forms of gender based violence, and work effectively together to address these issues through the provision of appropriate, high quality services.
  3. The harmful effects of gender based violence experienced by women and children are reduced by early intervention and their safety and wellbeing needs are better met by effective service provision.
  4. Interventions, service design and service delivery are improved as a result of the participation of women and children affected by gender based violence.

Impact Funding Partners provided fund management including development support and creating opportunities for organisations to come together to share, learn, collaborate and network through participation at training and good practice events.

Hear Their Stories...

Some of the important and valuable work organiations from across Scotland funded through the Equally Safe (Violence Against Women & Girls) fund carry out each and every day.

Monklands Women's Aid

In this audio file, here how one service user had her life turned around by a dedicated support team at Monklands Women's Aid.

A Woman's Journey Out of Prostitution

Kim is a 44 year old woman who was sexually assaulted from a young age by family members. In order to survive and escape her family she became involved in prostitution at the age just 14.By working with Sacro, Kim managed to turn her life around.

Lena's Story

'Lena' was 82 years old, had arthritis, impaired hearing and sight, and was a wheelchair user. She was referred to Domestic Abuse Advocacy Support after a police incident where her perpetrator, and carer, subjected her to physical and racial abuse.