Our Support during the Covid-19 Outbreak

Now well into the lockdown period, we have a better understanding of the impact that this crisis is having on you, our funded organisations, and the wider third sector.  We know that it is more important than ever to support you as you negotiate the challenges of this new working environment and work to continue delivering services to people and communities, many of whom will be experiencing more severe physical, mental and financial challenges at a time of increased isolation.

Even though we are working from home, we are here to support you in the following ways:

Keep in contact

Although we will not be able to visit you just now, we will keep in contact via email and by phone, and if you need to chat to us then we are just a call away. Our mobile numbers are on our email signatures and on the staff page of our website along with our email addresses. We are also happy to arrange video calls as we recognise the importance of not losing face to face contact.

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Learning Workshops and Thematic Clusters

Face to face events are being suspended temporarily until things change but some of our clusters are going to run via online Teams chat. We are also setting up Slack channels to ensure we remain connected and continue with the work of the clusters. We are looking into how best to continue our other capacity building support such as workshops.  We will be in touch with further information.

Prioritise scheduled payments

This is particularly important at this time and we will ensure that our payment process operates effectively.

Be flexible with grant activity, budgets and reporting

We know that your grant delivery has, in many instances, been diverted to cope with the impact of Covid-19. We understand that some projects may need to re-configure services, divert resources and temporarily suspend services, or even close them.  If you have any questions about changing your grant activity and budget expenditure then please contact your Development Officer and/or Compliance Officer. They are here to help. We understand that submission deadlines for reporting may, also, need to be delayed and, in many cases, we have already extended deadlines by a month. Again, please contact Development or Compliance Officer if you have any queries.

Take into consideration the impact of Covid-19 when reading your Progress Reports

We understand that it might be difficult for you to meet the outcomes of your grant given the current situation. Our Progress Report form provides a section where you can write about your challenges and learning during this period. Please use this to talk about the effect Covid-19 has had on your organisation and how you responded to the crisis (if you have not already submitted your report – we know many of you have already submitted on time). This is helpful for us to understand your circumstances and good learning for any future emergency situations.  We will share the learning  with funding partners. 

Good news stories

We know that the sector is responsive and resilient and that many of you have done a fantastic job of responding speedily to the challenge. We have been heartened by some of the stories you are telling us and we want these to motivate and inspire others.

We are looking for more good news stories and good practice about how you are responding to Covid-19. Please send these direct to your Development Officer and we will showcase them on our website and on social media.

Weekly Covid-19 updates

We are sending our funded organisations a weekly e-bulletin with essential information and resources on Covid-19 which might be useful including funding opportunities, support for volunteering, advice for employers, government advice, helplines etc. We are conscious that there is a lot of information coming out and we aim to simplify this for you by pulling it together in one place.

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