The Big Climate Conversation - FAQs


Q. Can I have more information about the grant?

A. Yes, you can read additional information which can be found on Impact Funding Partners website page.  If you require information not found on the website, please call Impact Funding Partners on 01383 620 780 and ask to speak with someone from The Big Climate Conversation Community Fund team. Alternatively, you can email enquiries to

Q. How will I know if our organisation is eligible for funding?

A. Please read through the eligibility criteria available on our website. If you are still unclear please contact Impact Funding Partners on 01383 620780 or email

Q. Are there limitations to what we can spend the grant on?

A. Costs should relate directly to holding a workshop. Costs can cover venue hire, catering, childcare, travel and inclusive communications (including interpreters). There does not have to be a specific percentage split on these costs.

Q. Can organisations that are not charities apply?

A. Yes, organisations do not need to be registered charities, although their constitution/set of rules should make clear that funds will only be spent on purposes established in the constitution, and not distributed amongst members.

Q. We do not have a bank account or constitution/set of rules in our own name.  Can we still apply?

A. Yes, groups without a bank account or constitution/set of rules can still apply. However, the application must be made by another eligible organisation that has a bank account and constitution/set of rules. The eligible organisation must apply on your behalf. If successful, the applicant organisation will receive the grant and is responsible for how it is spent.

Q. How many people must attend the workshop that we will host?

A. There must be at least eight people participating in the workshop. You may have one workshop but host several groups of eight or more people.

Q. Do we have to discuss set questions at the workshops?

A. Yes, there is a set of questions to be discussed. These questions can be found in the Scottish Government ‘How to Guide’ which you can download from our website. This is a step by step guide on what to discuss and how to plan and run your workshop. There will, however, be the opportunity to discuss other areas relevant to The Big Climate Conversation and you can choose to spend longer discussing certain topics and questions depending on what is of importance and relevant to your group.

Q. I would like to host more than one workshop. Can I apply for more than one grant?

A. Yes, but you can only apply for a maximum of two grants. However, the workshop must involve different people and be held in a different locality. 

If applying for two grants, you must submit two separate application forms.

Q. How do I report what was discussed at our workshops?

A. There is a short reporting form at the back of the Scottish Government ‘How to Guide’ which is available to download on our webpage.  This is also a separate word document of the report available to download from our webpage. There is a short report allowing you to summarise the discussions of your group.

You must submit your report to the Scottish Government within two weeks of hosting your workshop. Submit your report directly to the Scottish Government - do not submit your report to Impact Funding Partners. Within the ‘How to Guide’, there is an email address telling you where you should email your report.


Form Completion

Q. I am unable to find the Guidance notes on the website for this fund.

A. The guidance notes for completing the application are contained as pop-up guidance and written notes within the application form itself. Please follow the link to the Application Form found on our webpage.

Q. I have saved the form but can’t log back in

A. An email containing a link to your partly completed form will have been sent to you from an automated email address.  Please check your spam or junk mail folder and follow the link.

Q. In the multiple choice question, it is not saving my answer

A. Depending on the question and your internet browser, you may still be able to see all the other options however the one you have selected will be recorded.

Q. I think the work I have done on my application form today has not been saved.

A. To save your work on the application form you MUST click on “Save my progress and resume later” in the on-line application and then follow the instructions to input an email address and password, and then click the “Save” button.  

This will generate an emailed link for re-accessing your application form from an autoresponse email address.

If you don’t follow the steps above and just exit the page, your recent work will be lost.  You will receive a warning saying that data will be lost before you leave the page.